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Content Creators


Academy is brought to you by fellow gamers dedicated to making your gaming experience better than ever. We handpick the most radical and brilliant minds of the eSports community and share their know-how and experience with you. We know the deficiencies of the existing platforms and want to take the best from them to create a platform that takes eSports education to the next level.
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High Quality Video Content
Tailored by the best content creators and edited to fit a (literally) game-changing experience, it is what you need to guide you from a beginner to a pro. Our content is defined by quality, not quantity, and linked together in a chain. Start with an introduction and finish with a conclusion to have a clear path to follow.
Live Sessions
There is something special about livestreams, which is the sense of involvement and interaction! And we are bringing all of that to Academy... Only enhanced and polished with tons of preparation going into every single piece of content. Forget substituting quality for length, forget waiting for buffering, laggy performance, and inconsistent playback. Don’t believe us? Wait till you see it in action!
Big Names and Small Underdogs
Be it the most recognizable names in gaming or the hungry up-and-comers, we have them all! Their knowledge and incredible skill is what will earn them a place in the spotlight. And what they are fighting for is you.
Curated by coaches. Answered by the community. The platform of Academy takes the best technologies from the established Q&A websites, such as votes, tags and advanced search, as well as our philosophy: any question you have should be answered and verified by coaches as soon as possible.
Private sessions
Do you want a more hands-on approach? If so, you can get someone whose lectures you enjoy to be your personal coach. Even better, get together with a bunch of friends and polish your teamwork and strategy under supervision, just like a professional eSports team!
Text based support
Sometimes a video is just not convenient enough. Do you really feel like watching the whole video again for one particular point you want to master? Or will a printed out abstract sitting next to the screen be more useful in the heat of a battle? Whatever the case, we've got you covered with text-based support for all our video materials.
Who doesn’t like to get rewarded? We certainly do! These small tokens are here to help you keep track of your progress, compete with your friends, and master your games.
Best content.
The way you like it
With Academy there is no more watching through hours of idle gameplay. No more trying to find the article you need. No more wondering if someone will ever answer your question. On Academy you are the community. You have access to all of the tools you will ever need to master your game! Available anytime, on any device.
The future is at your fingertips.
eSports are growing faster and faster every year. Stars are not born, they are forged. Climbing the ladder resembles climbing Mount Everest - tough, but far from impossible.

Work hard, pay your dues and make your way to the top. We will be there for you on every step of your way!
Pro gamers are the new rockstars.
Get on board!

After all of that, do you need to show off your new skills somewhere? There is a myriad of tournaments, both individual and group oriented. If you think you are ready then go and try your luck!

Public beta is coming soon!

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Guide Writer


If you have experience in guide-writing, we offer you a modern platform for your content, a way to grow and interact with your audience, ultimately turning your hobby into a hobby that pays your bills.

If you are a passionate streamer and your knowledge knocks everyone out of the park, we offer a reliable way to increase your audience and recognition and get rewarded along the way.

Your content. Presented the way You want it.

Use our carefully thought-out guidelines to minimize time spent on planning. Be part of a platform that takes away the hustle and leaves you doing what you like.

Guidlines and Templates

You think you have something interesting to say but you don’t know where to start? Let us help you express yourself by guiding you through the creation of your content and letting you build experience for the future.

Text Instruments

Like every building needs an appropriate foundation, great videos need long pre-production - or at least they used to. Our convenient text instruments streamline plot and lecture preparation, effectively cutting down the time and helping you lay the groundwork. Spend more time producing videos instead of preparing to do so.

Video Instruments

Our powerful content management system will keep you organised, prevent you from doing the same work twice, and bring forward the interaction between you and your audience. We all sometimes need someone special to keep us focused and on point. We also offer insightful statistics on all of your activity!

Coach those who are eager to learn.

Set your own conditions, prices, and hours. You can offer customizable personal coaching to both individuals and groups, building a name for yourself and seeing how your coaching ideas apply in practice.
Pro gamers are the new rockstars. And they need pro coaches
To become a pro player you need to practise and learn, but you don’t need anyone else. To become a pro coach you need all of the above as well as students whom you teach and perfect your coaching skills.
Here at Academy we think that our platform is exactly what you need to gain experience and practice to be able to come closer to this growing vacation if it is something you are interested in.

Join the crew!

free early access

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